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  • How is it possible to not have a setting for applying an extra fee when someone chooses Cash On Delivery. Im not talking about the shipping cost. Every courier on earth charges more when the client pays them instead of make a paypal or a bank payment. So you have shipping cost plus an extra fee. How do we add this to woocommerce?

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  • Ok what if someone selectes to pick up his order from the store. There is no Payment on Location option?

    James, you can use local pickup for shipping and use something like the BACS or Check payment method for “Pay at Pickup” by simply modifying the titles in the gateway settings.

    As for charging a fee for COD, that would be a custom modification since apparently the stock COD method doesn’t allow for fees.

    Thanks for your response. Shouldn’t you guys have a relation between the shipping method and the payment gateway though?

    I renamed the Check to “Pay at Pickup” and if someone choose “Local Pickup” he has 2 payment options, Bank and Pay at Pickup. However, he has the same options if you also choose Local Delivery!!! He shouldnt be able to choose “Pay at Location” when he wants the order to be delivered to him.

    The same think goes for the free shipping. The customer that has made a purchase that gives him free shipping shouldnt has to choose it. It should be the only option.

    Some helpful feedback. Your payment and shipping methods needs a lot of work. Im using a wordpress theme with a built-in ecommerce solution that has much more features that your plugin. When i choose delivery i cant choose “pay at pickup” and when i choose local pickup i cant choose anything else rather than “pay at pickup”. It’s not that hard to implement!!! Just a few if…else

    I really want to start using woocommerce but there are so many things that missing or need and extra plugin to make them work.

    The reason free shipping is there as an option when a customer qualifies for it.

    What happens if your customer wants a better option than free shipping?

    IE, my site only offer free standard shipping 2-3 days, but we also offer a next day service.. so why should this option not be available to the customer.

    this is the simple way you can remove other options if you dont want it as a choice.

    Ok you are right. Why there is no option to enable/disable all these so we can both be happy? What about the other options? It is not normal for the customer to see Pay at Pickup when he has chosen Local Delivery. Am i right?

    Any instructions about the link you gave me? A piece of code is not that helpful. Which file should i edit in which folder?


    Oh sorry, my apologies.

    That code there goes into your themes functions.php file.

    I agree, you wouldnt expect to see the pay at pickup if they have chosen local delivery, maybe there could be a switch for the local delivery option. Ill raise this with the team.

    So i suppose this cant be fixed with maybe another link right? Come on it is not that hard 🙂 Who knows when you release another update and if this is fixed even then!!! We are talking about something major here. It is not a small detail. This is the last step in the checkout page. You cant have misunderstandings in this point!!!

    This is true and checkout experience is key.

    here is a raised github ticket for the issue.

    Thanks samueljeden. I couldnt agree more with you. It is really a surprise for me though how so many people create tickets for things like remove product tabs, modify image size etc and haven’t been concerned with the most important things in an ecommerce site, payment and shipping. Or how most of the support in here has one and only answer “use flat rate”. Anyway, i hope we have a solution soon

    Hey samueljeden have you seen the answers to the github issue? Really helpful…. Issue closed. All our problems are solved

    Hey guys, we have a plugin “Payment Gateway Fees & Restrictions” that can add fees to any payment gateway ( plus other cool features ).

    As for tying shipping methods to payment methods, it makes sense ( to me anyway ) that this isn’t part of the core WooCommerce code.

    BUT – I can tell you that last week we built a custom solution for a guy so he can tie C.O.D. to Fedex – so in his store if you select C.O.D. for payment then your only option for shipping becomes Fedex. Thus, this kind of stuff is possible, but it IS custom development work.

    [Link to premium plugin moderated]

    Moderators – I might have posted links to several other paid plugins from other developers today in an effort to help posters find a viable solution ( when no free solution is available – as is the case with our plugin that you removed the link for) , so you might want to head around to my posts and remove those too as I can’t remember whether I did that or not.

    I’m generally only concered about helping – and in my book something doesn’t have to be free to be helpful 😉 particularly when there is no other choice.

    Hi Team. I show your plugin. Just to let you know there is a similar plugin out there and it is half the price. You should reconsider your pricing policy. There are themes with a lot more work that cost less.

    It is really funny that all of you try to convince each other that common features shouldn’t be part of the core WooCommerce code so you can make more money buy selling a piece of code for 50 dollars. That’s fine. Woocommerce will always be a mediocre solution for that reason.

    James, as you well know, WooCommerce is open source – so you can modify it any way you like 🙂

    How can we add “Environmental Handling Fee” for a product in woocommerce?

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