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  • Due to the responsiveness of support for this plugin I’m updating my (admittedly overly negative) review. The piece of mind in knowing someone can help you troubleshoot if a plugin isn’t working is gold. Because of this I highly recommending reaching out to their support if you have issues. I spent all of yesterday running into walls with nothing showing up on the Mailchimp side until 16 hours after an order was processed… which I’m thinking might have been a caching issue because the log threw no errors.

    Pros of this plugin:
    1. Mailchimp recommended and you can do auto responses through Mailchimp with this.
    2. Provided you set your merge tags in Mailchimp (FNAME, LNAME, etc) in Mailchimp, you are able to collect that info on subscribers.
    3. It does contain the order info.

    1. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to switch a list once connected without disconnecting the whole plugin, deleting and reinstalling.
    2. There doesn’t seem to be functionality to port subscribers into groups within a master list, which would make future organization way less of a pain in the ass.

    If the functionality to add subscribers to groups was added it would make switching lists a moot point and I would give this plugin five stars. Furthermore, due to the extremely negative rating it seems there are some things the developers could probably work on on their end to get the basic functionality running a bit. Almost every other plugin I tried worked right out of the box with no issues. I want to use this one as it is Mailchimp recommended and works with advanced features. please improve!

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  • Plugin Support khungate


    Hey @jamesinagiantpeach,

    Thanks for your feedback. I came across your review and wanted to chime in to see if I could help provide any troubleshooting assistance or pass any useful feedback to our developers.

    Just to get a handle on the situation you’ve experienced so far, could you provide a few pieces of information to help me catch up?

    – What plugin version are you running?
    – What version of WooCommerce are you running?
    – Is your site self-hosted, or is it a business account?
    – If it’s self-hosted, who is your hosting provider?
    – Is there any logging errors in the plugin’s logs tab (when it’s set to standard or debug)?

    Thanks in advance for these details. I’ll keep an eye out for your reply.

    – Kyle


    Thank you for reaching out. After trying it again today I was able to get the test customer into Mailchimp including info on what they purchased. This after reinstalling and trying it once more. Bizarre that this wasn’t working yesterday(I spent most of yesterday uninstalling, reinstalling, changing and checking various connections, etc).

    – MailChimp for WooCommerce plugin Version 2.1.7
    – WooCommere Version 3.4.1
    – Site is self hosted through
    – Bluehost
    – No loggin errors

    Now my question is – will we be able to add subscribers directly to groups into the master list within the near future? I will update my rating for this plugin as that seemed to maybe be a cacheing issue… fingers crossed when I roll this out it stays steady for me. Would prefer to use the Mailchimp recommended plugin.

    Plugin Support khungate


    @jamesinagiantpeach, glad you were able to get things worked out. That’s also interesting to hear about the caching in a Bluehost environment; we appreciate you letting us know. You may ask them if they can turn off caching in the admin area if it’s possible using their services.

    Regarding groups, that would be a feature add that we’ll need to look at in a future release. I’d recommend posting this as a request in our GitHub repo for the dev team to review. Just curious, is there some sort of functionality you are not able to achieve via MailChimp segments?

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