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    Anyone can answer this:

    I haven’t yet set up a giveaway, but I have read the documentation. I can’t quite tell if “Select Winner(s)” will randomly select the winner, or pull up a list for me to choose the winner myself.

    I’m hoping it’s random. Is it?

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  • Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @kkradel, not sure why but my answer was not recorded.

    So, the winner is chosen with combination of factors:

    – number of entries
    – random order

    For now, the giveaway is choosing a winner based on their entries. If someone has given you more subscribers, they have a higher chance or winning. For now, if we have 2 or more people with the same highest number of entries, they one (or more) winner will be chosen from then through a random order.

    I do have a plan to make another way of making it completely random but just raising the chance of winning to those who have more entries.

    Hi Igor,

    How is work coming on making it totally random?
    Because I have users who use multiple email accounts to raise entry count and then the plugin selects them.

    So, the highest number of entries is not working for me…


    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi, it is in the roadmap but have not yet tackled it. I might try to make this happen in the next update.

    You can see the list of users for each giveaway so you can maybe remove some? And if you see that someone is getting “fake” entries through many of their emails, in PRO version, you can edit the entries, so you can always make the user entries back to 1.

    The other option is also to completely delete that user. Just be careful to state in your RULES section that you retain the right to remove any user from the giveaway if you think the user “cheated” in a way.

    Hi Igor
    I had a Giveaway running,now it is ower ,butt i cannot find the winner.Where is the winner showed?
    I have to now where to send the Price.
    Thank you

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    Hi @hanyivan,

    if your Giveaway has ended, you have to go to that giveaway edit screen (in the admin) and then click “Choose Winner(s)” button. That will then select a winner for you.

    Hi ,i did this ,butt is not schowing me anithyng.Do you habe a Picture of how should be ?

    Plugin Author Igor Benic


    This is a simple video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMkB_ejVbcc

    When notifying winners, they will receive an email that you can define on that giveaway in the email/text options.

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