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  • presumably (I’ve not delved into those two) they are using the informtion you provide in wp-config.php.

    profile.php makes a form that acts on profile-update.php, but I don’t see where the data from the profile.php form is handled.

    It includes admin.php.

    I don’t see where in admin.php the data from the form in profile.php is handled.

    I’ve searched for update_usermeta and update_user_option to find where and how the data is processed, but nothing right comes up.

    Sorry, I thought you were just asking how these things knew about the db.

    Ok. Look in profile.update.php: See
    errors = edit_user($user_ID); ?

    That’s where the magic is happening. So, we ask ourselves, where is edit_user()? Well, we follow the “include” trail back to admin-functions.php (via admin.php) and, down around line 342 we find edit_user!

    But now I’ve lost track — what are looking for?

    Eureka! you’ve found it.

    Thanks, I was skimming past that line seeing that it was doing error handling but completely missing that the errors were evaluated from the return of edit_user(). I figured somewhere there had to be many $_POST references.

    Took a few cracks at it, but you caught the little magic spell I was after.

    I’m slow, but I usually get there. Eventually.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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