• I downloaded the file and extracted it. The only files I see are .php and .png and .js.

    I look at readme.txt but it’s
    — virtually illegible with all the text run together and
    — seems to only be about features of this thing once you get it running, nothing about how to install and set up.

    How do you install this thing? And why doesn’t even your very short FAQ discuss that.

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  • Andy Christian


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    You have to upload the files to a web server, create a mySQL database, and then go to your website address to complete installation. Check out the link below for more information:


    Sorry, my question is for the Yoast WordPress Google Analytics Plug-in. I didn’t specify that in my question because I thought I was commenting/asking at a page specifically for that plug-in.
    Sorry that it got interpreted as a WordPress Install question. I have had WordPress installed and working fine for a couple of years now.
    But GA stoppoed working for reasons I don’t understand.

    I figured it out on my own by following instructions for a different plug-in.

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