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  • I see this sort of question is asked periodically, and often there are no responses. Gonna try anyway 🙂

    I’m building a site for a university department. I was going to use 2011, but I want a nice faculty and student directory on it. Looked for plugins to do this – found Connections, which looks decent, but my host doesn’t want to run it under multisite.

    I know some themes have this kind of feature (I saw one, but it wasn’t
    quite exactly what I was hoping for). Paid/commercial is fine – I just want a SIMPLE, BASIC theme with this sort of “people directory” feature already in it, or a plugin for this feature that is stable and secure under multisite that I can use with 2011.

    Any help you can offer is highly appreciated.

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  • Are the people in your directory going to be your users, or will they be from some sort of outside listing? Will they be submitted by the administrators of the site, or will they be submitted by guests of the site? Tell us more about how you need to generate those listings, and we can make some better recommendations.

    Thanks for the quick and spot-on clarification, sorry that I failed to explain this.

    The people in the directory will (mostly) not be users. Their information will be entirely managed by me or other responsible party via the admin GUI, and not by themselves. I really just want this to be done via plug-in or what-have-you rather than having it be a flat, static page, because it’ll be so much easier to manage the info, and probably easier to make it attractive and uniform. Maybe that’s obvious… this sort of thing cries out to be db-generated, eh?


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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