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  • To day when I went to the Dashboard I seen something new 3 hours ago “WordPress Available” I clicked that on. I know I had to back up my WordPress first. I have it on Fedora Linux. I went to webmin file manager. In there I went to /var/www/html and clicked on the folder wordpress then the icon save. It lets you pick zip, tar.gz, tar, or cancel. I did tar.gz. I backed it all up. I went to:
    Using WinSCP I picked all the files in the /var/www/html/wordpress folder by picking the top and holding down Shift and clicking the bottom. Then I hold down Ctrl and pick the ones it said to not delete. wp-content folder, wp-config.php, wp-comments.php, and wp-comments-popup.php. I don’t think I customized the last 2.

    I downloaded the new to the wordpress folder but it don’t say how to un tar it. They just say about every were “Download and extract the new version. ” but they don’t say how to extract it! I looked a long time and here are commands I did:

    [root@Small html]# pwd
    [root@Small html]# cd wordpress/
    [root@Small wordpress]# ls
    index.php wp-comments-post.php wp-config.php
    wordpress- wp-commentsrss2.php wp-content
    [root@Small wordpress]# gunzip -c wordpress- | tar -xf –

    gunzip: wordpress- not in gzip format
    [root@Small wordpress]# tar -zxvf wordpress-

    gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
    tar: Child returned status 1
    tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
    [root@Small wordpress]#

    My Linux server is named small. Any way you can see I could not find the command to “extract” it. I opened it in samba the windows file window and right clicked on the wordpress- file and picked “Extract files …” WinRAR open in windows and I clicked on the “Extract To” and extracted them to “\\small\wordpress\” it put them in a wordpress folder so it was like in “\\small\wordpress\wordpress” I did not know how to just get it to take them out of the folder. But I just picked all the files and said copy. Then went back to \\small\wordpress and said paste and it asked if I wanted to over wight files I just picked no. I all ready had the word press open in a web page. So I just did a refresh and it came up looking all the same only the bottom now says

    I hope they can just put a upgrade click in wordpress some day so it will just auto upgrade it for you if you click on something to check for a upgrade.

    -Raymond Day

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