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  • I Am New In These Things
    I Want To Know If I Can Install Coppermine Gallery To My Blog

    What I Need?
    What I Need To Know?

    Please Help

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  • jsbajada


    Yep, you can, but it’s not quite as easy. I used the ID-Coppermine plug-in, and with a bit of work, got it going. But it was a little tricky to figure out. So hopefully my blog of the adventure makes it easier for you 😉

    One thing I have figured out that isn’t covered by the plug-in is integrated security – you still have separate accounts and permissions across the two, both as an Admin and as a user. So if you have a password-protected gallery, you will need to log into Coppermine (not WP) to get through to the photos. If you want to upload files, you have to use Coppermine (not WP). I think it would be a nice touch to extend it out like that (as in, one account, both systems), but as it stands, that ain’t gonna happen.

    I don’t mean to turn you off Coppermine / WP integration – it can be done, but only to a point.


    I have released a new version of ID Coppermine that addresses nearly all the issues you found jsbajada. The config is even easier and will only allow you to get at the display settings after you have managed to successfully connect to the Coppermine DB.

    James 🙂

    Hi James.

    (Sorry it took so long for me to respond – I only just noticed I was getting hits from this link, and saw your response ….)

    I have installed the update and that is great – the username pull-down and the gallery check boxes make managing this plug-in so much easier! Thanks for your work!

    Hi, I just saw this thread. Mogboy74,when you say, you figured almost all the issues, you mean that now I can have the same account in both systems? This would be great!!!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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