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  • Hello,

    I’m new to WordPress and I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to access all of these pages to edit. How exactly do I do it? And where do I find all of these files? I’m using 1&1 Blog powered by wordpress incase that matters.

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  • So… I gotta ask: Edit what?

    Well, edit anything. I keep seeing all sorts of things around here to get rid of sidebars and such. First and foremost, I’d like to edit the header image at the top of my website:

    Ah, Edit Themes.

    You’ll find them under wp-content/themes/YourThemeName

    You’ll choose your theme by logging in and going to Presentation.

    From there, if your file permissions are sufficient, you can use the built in theme editor.

    I, personally, prefer to ftp/scp them down to my desktop where I can use a real editor (and save off a backup in case I hose something up).

    Ok, but when I go to my Presentation panel and such, I’ve got a theme chosen (The default one) but how do I change that image to a custom one?

    Ok, we’re narrowing in on it now.


    I’ve read through that a bit before and again now, I’m wondering though, where to edit all this stuff though? Where do I find the files with all of this code and such?


    Also, does the fact that I’m using WordPress through 1&1 (my webhost) affect my editing abilities?


    If you haven’t downloaded your theme, do so now. It’s in your WordPress directory, in:

    wp-content > themes > thethemeyourusing

    Then edit those and upload them to the server.

    You can also edit them through the WordPress interface, but I’d suggest that that’s more hassle.

    You really should invest some time to learn the basics of WP. Perhaps have a look at the webmonkey tutorial as an introduction.

    I’m using 1&1 Blog powered by wordpress incase that matters.

    Oh yes, it does.

    I’ve installed WordPress several times on 1&, and (if you’ve ever seen any of my old posts) my opinion is to stay away from that host – don’t touch it with a 10-foot-pole. If you *have* to use them, then *absolutely* DO NOT use their one-click installation.

    1& does not let you have access to your database or your files. You cannot upload plugins or (as I recall) new themes to the system. I’m also pretty sure you can’t edit the exiting theme you have. If you log into your admin panel and click “presentation” and “theme editor”, you’ll see at the bottom of the window “if this file were writeable you could edit it”. If you actually see an “edit this file” button, I’ll be in shock.

    However, when you FTP into your 1& account to change your file permissions, you *will not* find wordpress files *anywhere* – this is why you can’t upload new themes or change permissions or add in new plugins. You will not have access to the filesystem to do so. Their “one click” installation hides everything from you. The BIG thing is, after a while, you’ll get tired of it and want to move or put up your own installation so you can have more control – but guess what? You can’t even back up your database with them – so you lose *everything*.

    Take my advice – find a new host and save yourself a lot of headaches. But if you’re not gonna (or can’t), then at *least* do your own installation – don’t use the “one-click” thing. If you can’t install it yourself, contact us over at the install4free site.

    Thanks for the data, doodlebee. It’s pretty vital data.

    oooooo. Thanks D-bee!

    Goodness, that’ll help remind me to search on host names next time someone seems so confused!

    doing installations has let me see a *lot* of different hosts. 1& has been placed in my “NEVER USE” folder for a loooooong time!

    Thank You! I’ve been wondering what the heck everyone was talking about, that’s why. I can’t use a different web host I’m afraid, but I should do the normal download then you said? Ok, thanks I’ll give it a shot. Good Thing I’ve only just started my 1&1 Blog. Thanks Mate.

    Yes – just do the regular installation yourself, upload the files and everything yourself. 1& has some *very* interesting techniques – initially, you’re going to have a problem finding the actual index page (making it show up) because 1& likes to set an ad for their services on all new accounts as the index page, then it’s a chore to find out *where* that file is so you can get rid of it and actually see your site.

    Once you get that figured out, you’ll be able to access everything you need to. Once you get the opportunity to change hosts, then I’d jump on that chance. And at least with the regular installation, you can back up your database and move the site with you when you go.

    By the way, 1& is the *only* host I’ve ever worked with where the “famous 5-minute install” doesn’t work – but it’s not WordPress’ fault – believe me.

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