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    I would like to know how emails are being sent. I have a blog with hunderds of unique visitors per day. So I assume that I am going to have a lot of subscribers in the comming months.

    My email provider is Office 365 and I use SMTP plugin which sends emails through Office 365 with authentication. But in Office 365 there are some limits how many emails I can send and to how many recipients. The limits are:
    10,000 recipients per day (this should be fine anyway and I will not reach this limit)
    500 recipients for a single email message (in To, Cc, Bcc)
    30 messages per minute

    And now let’s assume with that limits that I have 1000 subscribers on my site. So how should I configure the plugin? Is it 1 subscriber = 1 email, so one post notification generates in my case 1000 emails immediately and I will reach the limit of 30 messages per minute? Or 1 post notification goes in one email to all subscribers in bcc, so I will reach the limit of 500 recipients for a single email message?

    Thank you.

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  • Currently there is a cron job, that sends emails every 15min, so 4 times per hour. Every time 1/4 of the maximum number (which you can define) is sent. So, if you have a limit of 100/h and you have 200 subscribers, then it takes in total 2h until the last subscriber has got the email notification! 25 subscribers every 15min.

    1 Email per subscriber per post notification. If you have 1000 subscribers and publish 2 posts, then 2000 emails have to be send. According to the logic above.

    Hope this helps.

    Ok, thanks. So I can send 30 emails per minute and it sends 1/4 of the number specified in settings every 15 minutes, I should set in the settings 120 emails which will send 30 emails in one cron job every 15 minutes. So for 1000 subsrcibers it will take ~7 hours.

    Can I change it somehow? Becuase I’d like to send as many emails as possible, which is 30/minute, so for 1000 subsribers it would take only 33 minute instead of 7 hours.

    How does it affect if I run the cron URL every 1 minute from my own cron job? Does it change anything? Or how it will behave if there is some built-in cron job in the plugin which runs the job every 15 minutes and I will run the cron URL every minute?

    Plugin Contributor Sandhya M


    Hi @bari007 ,

    You can change the number of emails to be sent every hour in Email Subscribers.
    Please goto Email Subscribers > settings menu.
    Find Email sending tab and Maximum Emails Send In An Hour option.
    Change is to 30. Check this first if that goes well you can always edit to 50 or more.
    Above that option, you will find cron URL to trigger.
    You can set that in your cron job.

    Email Subscribers does not alter you email sending limit or server.
    It just batched the email queue.

    Hope this helps you.

    Hi Sandhya.

    What if I have my own crob job which is triggering the cron URL? How does it affect the built-in cron service and the limitation for number of emails per hour? How many emails are sent when I load the cron URL?

    Any info, please?

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    Hi Lukas,

    WordPress Cron service triggers every 15 minutes and will send 1/4 emails which you set as a hourly limit.

    At this moment (ES 4.0.13), there is not such limit for the cron which you set on your server.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi Malay.

    But this does not answer my questions. What if I have my own crob job which triggers the cron URL? How does it affect the built-in cron service? How many emails are sent when I load the cron URL?

    Let’s assume that I will trigger the cron URL every minute in my own custom cron job. How many emails will be sent every minute?

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    Hi Lukas,

    If you have setup email sending limit as 50 and you trigger cron URL every minute, it will try to send 50 emails every minute.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Yes, now it does. Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    Thanks Lukas for the confirmation.

    Lukas Beran


    Hi. I’d like to open this topic again as I see some misunderstanding/change here. Now with the latest version 4.1.15 my emails are not sent as before. Sending limit of my provider is 30 emails per minute. I don’t use WP cron, I use my own cron (curl). I set Maximum emails to send in an hour to 25. I call the URL on my own cron every 5 minutes. It worked fine some time ago, but now it allows me to send only 25 emails per hour – but based on the information you provided earlier, when using own cron service, it sends the full package of emails every time the cron URL is called. But now it does not. It sends 25 emails in first package and then it shows {“status”:”ERROR”,”es_remaining_email_count”:100,”message”:”EMAIL_SENDING_LIMIT_EXCEEDED”} and does not allow to send more emails.

    So how does it work? Is it just some bug? Or how should I configure it now to be able to send 25 emails every time I execute the cron URL, so every 5 minutes?

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