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  • Hi,

    I build web sites (in pure css) but always struggle when I have to install scripts for my clients. For example, I recently installed MovableType on a site but it took a lot of effort and there are few tiny formatting problems (all-but invisible to the casual visitor) with it that I could never sort out.

    On the other hand, I have a blog on my site ( through and it EASY to set that up.

    So, there you see my level of skill.

    Now the question …

    How much will I struggle and sweat if I use WP on a site I am now working on? For example, is it harder than but easier than MT?

    I know this is an awkward question, but any indications / encouragements you can give me would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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  • I don’t really know about MT (never used it) but I know for sure that installing WP is a piece of cake… less than the 5 minutes they claim in the instructions.
    However customizing a WP theme or creating your own might be a challenge for some people, but if – as you said – you are familiar with CSS, you won’t have any problems.

    “is it harder than but easier than MT?”

    I’d say that’s pretty close to the mark. In most cases installing WordPress is pretty straightfoward. You may want to read over the following for what you may need to know *if* you need help:

    Moshu hit the other point, but *if* you run into problems, we’re here as well.

    It took me quite a while to get my local copy up since I had to face setting up a server and a database and using commands that I didn’t understand… But setting up WP on my actual web domain actually took less than five minutes like they claim. And it sounds like I have less skills than you.

    Of course… even though setting it up can be fast, cutomizing the look and feel of it could take some time, like moshu says, (it took me weeks to understand the theme structure and get my own layout right) but at least by then it is running and everything you do just makes it better. Me, I’m really glad that I went with WordPress instead of some readymade service. Blogger, for instance has that next blog-link. Clicking on that off a weblog a friend of mine set up, took me to the most outrageous porn site I have ever seen. Which was interesting.

    I spent days reading reviews of various blogging software and studying scripts at various free PHP sites before I decided on WP.
    WordPress is probably unique in that there are so many developers improving and improving. There are constant new plugins and features. And of course this forum, without which I would be at square one.

    Just to leave my .02:

    I have used Blogger, MT, and WordPress. Blogger is “easy” to install but belive it or not, WP is just as easy if not easier to install and offers 100x more flexibility than does Blogger (IMO of course). MT is moderatley simple, but is the most complex of the three.

    I know that’s not a large post, but it’s straightforward and “cut to the chase”. 🙂

    Thanks, everyone. I’m in!


    Id suggest going for it, get your hands dirty and see what happens.

    past the CSS its not hugely complicated, just as with anything, it takes some time to get accustomed.

    If you have Fantastico it is made even easier.


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