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  • tomdude48


    I want to send additional tag information to technorati the same way categories are sent as tags. For example, want to create a post meta call tags but instead of putting the tag links on the post HTML I want to send them to technorati using however categories are automatically sent behind the seens to technorati.

    I added my meta tags to the RSS feed, but that doesn’t work (I guess technorati does not use the rss2 feed). How does WordPress send the categories as tags to Technorati?

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  • Lorelle


    WordPress does it automatically when you save the post. Anything that has a rel="tag" is recognized as a tag. That is what “pinging” is.

    Don’t worry. If you are listed with Technorati, Technorati will find you and your tags, if you have them within your post.

    If you want to add more, then there are various plugins that will help you add them to your site like Ultimate Tag Warrior and Ben O’Neill’s WP Tag Plugin.

    Once in a while, consider going to your Account on Technorati and clicking the “ping me” link, but don’t worry about WordPress. There is nothing for you do to. It does it for you.

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