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How Does This Work? – Newbie

  • I’ve never made my own website before, and I’m not finding the info I need. I made a website and have Abstrakt3c 2.0 as my theme. I can’t contact the developer – their website isn’t working. The menu across the top of the page doesn’t work, so the only way to access my pages is hidden down in another column. Also, I don’t want all this blog stuff – I just want a website. I don’t know how to make it work. My site is http://www.tucsonlocalmobilesocial.com, if that helps.

    Someone please help me!

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  • Did you buy the theme as I searched in repository is not there.

    Looks like your menu is hard coded in your theme so if you paste your header.php file in http://wordpress.pastebin.com Submit and paste the url here so we can see how that menu is put in the theme.

    I searched for the theme and I will need to check on the coding as it is not designed like other themes will let you know if I can find how to change the menu links.

    As I said this theme has the menu hard coded and the only way to change that will be using a editor.

    I’ve never made my own website before

    Sice you have not made website before you need to edit a php file will be a problem.

    If you like theme so much if you can let me know what pages you want may I can edit the file and send it to you.

    If you want we can meet in skype or my conference room where i can help you.

    Click on my name for my website where I have skype.

    Hi govpatel,

    Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what you’re talking about – I have zero experience building websites. No, I didn’t buy the theme, it was on the list to choose from after I installed WordPress. Someone recommended I use WordPress, but I’m not so sure that’s a good idea – it seems to be targeted to bloggers, and what I really want is a ready made website where I can enter my content. I tried uninstalling WordPress and installing Drupal, but that wouldn’t let me put a title on my site — instead it said Drupal in big letters across the top of my site. Any suggestons?

    I have looked at your theme and I can put the links in if only I know what pages you want in menu and the urls for pages.

    So create the pages you want and let me know

    Carol, for the future references when you download a theme with way too many links in footer area and especially when there is so called “Sponsored Links” there is something weird going on. This specific themes doesn’t have dynamic menu, nor any other menu for that matter.

    In you footer “Sponsored by Structured Settlement.” means that someone took this abandoned theme and post their links to gain link popularity. In most cases this area will not be even editable.

    It’s great idea that you’re using WordPress, don’t switch, just get another theme instead. Something without links and that’s functional.

    Instead of that list, search for more themes directly from your WordPress dashboard and that’s it.


    As I said in my post I did find the theme and is not that easy for beginners and Esmi suggested this theme is full hidden codes

    You can use any theme in repository as a website does not have to be a blog all you need to find is a theme that supports custom menu and create pages as wish and add them to custom menus.

    I downloaded another theme and it’s working great. Now if only I could figure out how to get a squeeze page on it. Anyone know?

    squeeze the content?

    A squeeze page is a pop up box where site visitors can enter their contact information in exchange for receiving information. It’s a way to gather a mailing list.

    Anyone know how to insert a link to one’s Facebook page?

    Thank you, Emil. You rock!

    Emil, I downloaded the mailchimp widget, but can’t get it to open. How do I get it onto my webpage?

    Glad that this was helpful, take a look at this please http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mailchimp-widget/installation/.

    One time I did not enter their API 🙂


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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