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    under Settings / reading to find the settings of the plugin.
    Thanks for the note I forgot to write this


    Okay thanks, I found it now! Yeah it might be helpful to mention this somewhere – maybe even have a link to the settings page from the Plugins page (next to the “Deactivate” link for the plugin), like some other plugins do.

    I actually thought that this plugin would give me the possibility to set an “unsticky” date on a post-by-post basis, so that I could go to one sticky post and set the date for it to become unsticky, and go to another sticky post and set a different date for that one to become unsticky. Because for my website, I need a different period of time for each post, before it becomes unsticky – it depends on what each post is about. Some posts need to stay sticky for just a week, but others need to stay sticky for two weeks or a month or whatever.

    Would you consider adding this “per post” functionality to your plugin? I think that would make it really helpful and useful! 🙂

    Plugin Author Frank Neumann-Staude



    I had also been thinking about this talk about expansion, but then it did not implemented due to time constraints. Unfortunately, I can not promise you that I install it within the next 2 weeks. But I’ll see what I can do.


    That would be great, if you could add this functionality some time! It’s okay if it’s not in the next two weeks! 🙂 Thanks!

    This was very helpful! I also need help understanding what the “schedule interval” drop down is controlling so I know what to select.

    A specific date and time to expire each individual post would be awesome! I hope that you add this update in the future. For now, this plug in is going to save me time over going in and manually unsticking each post at the appropriate time as most expire in one week. Thanks!

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