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  • Hi, the plugin works amazing, I´m using it and am very satisfied with the behavior. I was able to hide a lot of info from my website source, with no compromises at all.

    But I´m wondering how exactly does the plugin protect websites? All the redirected paths are still acessible, so I don´t understand what kind of protection this brings. For example, I changed my wp-admin path, but if someone types they reach the new path anyways via a 301 redirect.

    Is it just for “hiding” the paths and plugins at “view source”, to avoid fingerprinting of the tools I use? If it always gets redirected to the new URLS, wouldn´t someone still be able to attack the site?

    I´m not an expert, so I´m trying to understand what advantage I have of hiding all my data with the plugin.

    Also, wouldn´t this affect my SEO if I ever have to disable the plugin?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Contributor Maya


    The block default URLs should work fine and not re-direct to re-mapped (new) URLs. If that happens, something on the server environment does no process the Apache rewrite as expected, or there are other rewrite rules which interfere with that.
    Can you send the .htaccess file content? please use something like


    Thread Starter alemao2k6


    Hi, can I send this info by email? Where should I send it to?


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