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    In a client’s store we offer credit card and direct bank transfer as payment options.

    When someone pays with “direct bank transfer” WooCommerce automatically marks the order as “on hold”. Then when we receive payment if we can’t ship it immediately we change the order to “Processing”, and then to “Completed” when shipped. Or if we can ship it immediately we just change the order from “on hold” directly to “completed”.

    Can you please clarify, how does your plugin handle direct bank transfer transactions? When does the transaction get pushed to Google Analytics? Is it as soon as it is received, even though it is “on hold”? Or is it instead when the order gets marked as “processing” or “completed”?

    If the answer is when it is “processing”, then if we skip that step and go from “on hold” to “completed” will that transaction still be pushed to Google Analytics?


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  • Plugin Author Tatvic


    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for writing to us!

    Our plugin is designed to send track & send transaction data in GA once the user is redirected back to the “thank you” page of the store for any Payment method & even though it is “on hold”


    Order status is changed from the backend (admin panel) so if we wait until that then it creates session discrepancy on the store.

    Additionally, order status changed by the Admin not the user if the transaction sent from the backend, it is not possible to get the referral, session & associated campaign data for that particular transaction.

    Hope it’s clear to you.

    Feel free to reach out to us directly at analytics2(at)tatvic(dot)com in case you have more query.

    Thanks & Regards,

    That’s a very clear answer. Thank you.

    Just one more follow up question then … if the transaction fails what does your plugin do?

    The URL is the same as the success URL. e.g.

    Can you plugin tell the difference between a successful transaction and a failed one?

    Plugin Author Tatvic



    The failed transaction will also record in GA because the URL is same & currently no option to avoid the transaction to be tracked in GA.

    But you can always use a refund/reverse method using measurement protocol API to reverse that transaction from GA.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks & Regards,

    OK, that is very important to understand, and unfortunately is a major flaw in this plugin.

    Transaction data should only be sent to Google Analytics for successful transactions, not for failed ones.

    Will you consider upgrading your code? There are WooCommerce hooks available that only trigger on successful transactions.

    i.e. there are hooks on all of these:

    More info:

    I really appreciate your fast responses to these support threads. Hopefully the plugin can be upgraded to only send correct data to GA.

    Plugin Author Tatvic


    Hi Jodam,

    Appreciate your suggestion!

    We’ll surely try to add it in the future.

    Thanks & Regards,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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