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[Resolved] how does the Plugin find existing video?

  • I wonder, how the plugin should detect, that there are videos to be tagged?

    Until now no video in my posts where recognized.

    I used an RAW-HTML-Method (flash) to embed the videos hosted by myself. It seems not to matter, if videos are uploaded by Media-Libary or by FTP.
    Today i installed another thing called “Secure HTML5 Video Player”.
    But still no og:video tags.

    I added now a little php to theme-header to generate the og-video-meta from custom fields.

    What I have to do to get this done by NextGenFacebook?



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  • Plugin Author JS Morisset


    There are so many ways to embed video that it’s impossible to cover them all — consequently, I went with the usuals: youtube and vimeo. 😉

    I can easily expand the video detection. Give me a URL with a page and I’ll have a look at the page source, modify the NGFB code, and you can download the dev version afterwards.

    I’m working on a new version with multi-language support anyway. Should be out in another 2-3 days, so I can easily add additional video formats.



    Hm, yes I believe thats difficult. But still there are videos with distorted aspect-ratio everywhere, that it might be important to get them tagged properly.

    A good way might be just to grab mimetypes like mp4, ogg, flv and may be a tolerant way to search for “width” and height in the neighbourhood.
    Unfortunatly for example the “Secure HTML5 Video Player” is hiding the extensions in the source-code of the post – so you will have to render the post through wordpress to find video-extensions and decide are they text or real videos to tag.

    But for performance-reasons it might be the better way just to search in the media-Libary for these – but most of the peaople have difficulties uploading bigger videofiles through that.

    May be a “look for video in post”-Button in the post editor is a good idea – or give them just a few fields to fill in meta tags by hand for each post…?
    By the way: your fix for ignoring misscropped thumbnails is not working.
    see here:

    site with selfhosted videos:
    here or there

    …and be ready for an other issue 🙂

    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    I don’t see any videos in that post… Do you have an example URL with an embedded video?



    LOL – thats why the plugin finds no video… jk.

    in “here” there is a very small one under the picture with the car on the right side. klick on the guy with the triangle near his head.

    in “there” is an other site which shows nearly only an video.

    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    Ah, I missed the “here” and “there” links.

    I had a look at the pages, but the HTML used is way too specific to your website. If you’d used some standard <embed> type tags I could have included the format, but not with the code you’re using.

    I may look into making some hooks available into the NGFB method that prints the OG meta tags, so you can add some custom code to your functions.php file.



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