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    I have two real n00b questions…

    And this is assuming you have a free content site (like Wikipedia or Huffington Post) and want a separate member’s area. Maybe a course or forum or something similar linked off the free site’s homepage.

    1.) Does the S2 plugin hide the membership-only pages/posts from anyone not subscribed? So when a “general” visitor sees the site, will they see any of the restricted pages/posts names in the menu, or in any of the content widgets, or anywhere on the site – or will these restricted pages/posts simply not exist on the main site unless you’re logged/subscribed?

    2.) Once subscribed, will the user still see all of the elements of the free site (menu, widgets, sliders, etc)?

    If I want the membership area to be unique from the main free site, then installing a different theme in another folder seems to make sense. But if this is essentially making a second site (is it?) and I install S2 into this new folder theme, would S2 see the “member” and “subscribe” pages in its config UI that are sitting on the main free site?

    I’m very confused (and probably making this harder than it is??).

    How do you handle this??

    Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated!!


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  • 1. Visitors will not see the protected posts and pages, though they might see entries for them on menus. To control how menus look, I’d suggest trying the Nav Menu Roles plugin, which works really well with s2Member.

    2. Yes.

    No need to have a different theme at all. That just provides a skeleton for the site structure.

    Your theme might well have different templates for posts and pages, so you could, for example, make use of them to create different layouts according to whether someone is logged in or not. You can also use something like the Display Widgets plugin to change what appears in your sidebar according to whether someone is logged in or not.

    Thank you so much for the help and suggestions, KTS915!

    These are very helpful! And really clear things up.

    I’ll try out both those plugins too.

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