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  • Hi,

    we have the same problem. Choosing a Twitter list is not working. In appearance -> Widgets can be set Twitter username and Twitter list. If we set at least one of them (whatever), it displays the same basic account feed. Maybe there is some error. In Settings -> Twitter Widget -> ‘Authenticated Twitter Accounts’ there is Lists – Used: 0


    I’m also having this same problem. Hoping to get an answer soon! Or has anyone found an alternate solution? Thanks in advance!

    I also need to show tweets from people I am following

    Same issue for me: lists are not showing. Only my own tweets appear in the widget.

    Looking through the code, I THINK there’s a bug in the plugin if you’re trying to show tweets from a list.

    I’ve made a modification & tested it on my own site & it seems to work. I’ve submitted a pull request to Aaron so he can check that I didn’t actually break something.

    In the meantime if a) you’re OK testing a random patch from a random person and b) you’re OK modifying PHP on your own site then you might want to check the one-line mod that seems to fix this:

    [And a big THANK YOU for plugin authors who put their code up on github!]

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Thanks Jon for the pull request. I’ve been moving out to Oklahoma to take care of my grandparents who are in poor health, so everything is moving slower than usual, but I just merged the request so this fix will be in the next version. I’m hoping to be able to release it soon.


    thank you for update, but it is still not working for us. There is the same issue.


    I made changes to the code as suggested as above, but not working to show the list tweets.

    plugin: 2.5.4
    wp core: 3.6

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    The latest version has been released (2.6.0) with Jon’s fix for lists included.

    I’ve got the latest version but am still having the same problem with lists not working.

    Has the widget been updated to use the new code, or is it via shortcode only?

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    It should be fixed everywhere. I just tested and it’s working for me as both a shortcode and using the widget.

    Hi Aaron,

    we tested new version for two twitter accounts. In first twitter account there were working two lists and one was not working. And in second account no one list was working. Can we somehow help you with solving this issue?


    Sorry, but we’re still having a problem showing lists.

    Here’s the list we want to show:
    (contains two accounts: @aushouselondon @austradeuk

    And here’s the page where the widget is currently active on:

    As you can see the tweets just aren’t corresponding, in fact its only showing tweets from one of the accounts in the list.

    We’ve tried everything – removing the accounts and reauthorising again but it won’t work.

    There’s definitely something else causing a problem here.


    We’ve currently got it set to just have @pixel_kicks authorized, and the widget always says “You need to authorize this account”.

    Just noticed this thread says “Resolved”, when it’s not. In this case I’ll open a new thread so the developers take notice…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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