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    It is quite hard finding a free directory that works for WP 3.5.1 with key features being available or not reserved for pro-versions. This seems to be one I could use, but – probably being new to WordPress – I do not know how to make use of some possibilities.

    I was very happy to see the Gmap in the admin area, but it does not seem to appear at the frontend or how do I get it there? I am using the Custom Community theme. Has it got something to do with it? I am not a programmer … Is there any code to add to a template to enable this?

    I also do not see how non-administrators, i.e. common users can add listings. I enabled under “Roles” the ability for a 2 of the lowest roles / normal users to be able to add links, but I see under the account/dashboard of such a user no listing addition link & also none on the link directory main page.

    Thirdly, has the directory got its own search, if so where is it or it uses the WP search?


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    I think I’m going to disappoint you too. I think all the better directory plugins available for WP fund their development thru the sale of commercial add-ons that extend the features of their plugin. Connections is no different in this regard, sorry, but without that funding continued development and support just wouldn’t be possible.

    Now, I’ll try my best to answer your questions…

    The Google Map in the admin that can be shown while adding or editing an entry is only to fine tune the geocoding of the address. That geocoding is used in some of the commercial templates that are available to show the pin on the map. It’ll also be leveraged in other planned commercial add-ons.

    You can give users permission to submit entries using the roles feature, but it is not going to work the way you think. This will allow any user with those permissions to submit as many entries and edit any entry within the directory. If that is what you do want, you’ll have to also give the the “View List (Manage)” capability. However, if what you really after, and I suspect that your are, is to allow a specific user add/edit their own entry, then you’ll need the Link commercial add-on.

    Connections does have it’s own search which is primarily a keyword search that is tweakable via the settings. However, it is only shown on the front end thru one of the commercial templates or a widget that can be added to the theme’s sidebar. The widget is available as part of the Widget Pack add-on.

    I hope this thoroughly answers your questions.

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