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  • Inside the plugin (wonderful, btw) it tells me certain functions are only available in the pro version but when I click on that link it brings me to this site where there is absolutely NO information on the Pro version.

    I would love to support the developers by purchasing the Pro version… if only there was a way to do so!


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  • There is a work-around for enabling the pro features – And it is perfectly legal to do so too according to the license supplied with the plugin.

    Line #1949 @ /wp-content/plugins/add-link-to-facebook/add-link-to-facebook-int.php

    static function Check_multiple() {
      if (get_option(c_al2fb_option_multiple_disable))

    Change it to:

    static function Check_multiple() {
      return true;
      if (get_option(c_al2fb_option_multiple_disable))

    It seems to enable the multiple Facebook-page section.

    I only just did this mod a minute ago for a client of mine with the exact same struggle as you, and it hasn’t actually been tested yet.

    I will update later on when it has been tested.

    It does seem to work… sort of. It does enable those functions to be visible, however there seems to be something else required as well.

    It will allow me to add to a SINGLE facebook group but it will NOT save the settings if I want to add to multiple pages I control.

    So it’s better… but not 100%.

    I greatly appreciate your effort though, as I’m a step further than I was before, so thank you very much!!!


    Do you get an error when you try to save the settings?

    – Also:
    I’ve tested the code with my client – That pesky Facebook #804 error turns up.

    I will be digging into that issue aswell, as it seems to be an issue for a lot of people.

    No, I don’t get an error message. It just doesn’t save the settings.

    I’ll look into it some time next week when I get the time.

    I greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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