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  • Nicely done. Best of luck with everything.

    It looks great, though the header seems a little, I don’t know. This is just my opinion but it feels a little darker than it has to be. And the lack of contrast between the text on the header and the header colour makes it hard to read, like the text that says “… blog of musician …”.

    Other than that, it’s great. Happy writing!


    Thanks for the feedback! I’m still tweaking here and there, learning about the WP hacks etc. I have to say, this forum is superb for help and advice..

    I like the background color of the yellow; it is very soothing. Also, the layout and the font is very clean and crisp. I do agree with wahgnube on the color of the header, however. It seems to clash with the light buttery background color. Perhaps a lighter shade of gray would be more soothing? Otherwise, your site looks wonderful. Keep up the great work!

    Well, I never really understand the requests for feedback on design when a ready made theme is used. Except the “darkening” of the header the rest is the Equix theme.
    So, what are we supposed to comment?

    I apologise, I believed this was a fora for feedback on blog content. Sorry.

    I apologise, I believed this was a fora for feedback on blog content. Sorry.

    Then why this question?

    How does it look so far?

    Although some have commented on the “look” moshu gets the prize for most correct comment. The is nothing to critique, It’s an Equix theme will nearly zero changes.

    As for your content: Your second entry, (Dear Technorati) second sentence, just what are “Wordpad blogs?”

    Again Im sorry. Other important things have been on the mind recently.

    How does it look as in how is the content?

    No need for repeated apologies. Nothing “tragic” happened. New users often make small mistakes, like posting in the wrong forum [btw, I moved this thread to the Your WordPress where it belongs to], or things like that.
    Basically the “Your WP” section is for showing your blog, be it design or tweaking another theme etc.
    Also, there is nothing wrong in using one of the 3-400 themes offered for the community – that’s why they were made.
    On the other hand we usually don’t encourage any comments here about the content; it’s best to leave it for the comments section of the respective blogs. One of the reasons: there are so many different types of content from extreme political views to religious debates, and from family hobbies to porn… that the technical support forum cannot deal with that.
    I hope you all will understand. Peace.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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