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How does member registration / creation work? (2 posts)

  1. washingtongraphics
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It seems that this topic HAS been posted before, but no poster has gotten any replies to their questions, so I will post again.... and hopefully get some insight! :D

    I have just downloaded this tool which looks awesome, it's free and seemingly has everything I need for a simple member portal on my site. However, the instructions/documentation say nothing about the creation or configuration of a registration page, where users create their username/password combo to create an "account" or "profile" with the site (which I assume would use the site's existing database).

    I do see that the default member "redirect" sends you to the wp-login page, but surely it is not intended for any individual with a generic WordPress account to have access to your specific site using this plugin. So, my questions is: how does one go about creating a registration page (obviously this is the easy part) that provides the user with a very simple form to collect basic data and create an account based of the provided credentials. The data should be sent to the existing WP database and be able to be stored/retrieved when the user needs to log in again.

    If this is something that I will need to create manually, does anyone have any insight on any easy way for someone with minimal SQL experience to create this feature?

    Thank you all!


  2. washingtongraphics
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok - so after skimming around a bit more I figured out that it uses the basic WP member registration. This perfect as I don't need anything more complex than that.

    My next questions is: I am also using the login modal plugin to create a login pop-up with page redirect rather than sending users to

    Fortunately, after a successful login, it does send users to the page they were attempting to access before being asked to login, however if there is a way to connect these two plugins so that the member-access page redirects the users to the login pop-up, rather than the login page.

    All help is appreciated, thanks!

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