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    Hi, I am trying this on my site, When I visit a post, it doesn’t really find “related posts” that well. If the article is about Carrie Underwood, I’d like for it to display other posts about Carrie Underwood. It looks like some of the posts it picks are random. Is there anyway to customize the “guts” of this thing? For example: Make the posts with the same words in the title, make those the most “related” posts? Posts that have 4 of the same words in the title are more “related” than posts with only 3. Does that make sense? Also, does this plugin learn over time which posts are most related? Thanks!

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    Hey Jimmy!

    First of all — thanks for reaching out, and thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

    As for your problem — I took a look at some of your blog-posts and found out that most of them are returning related posts that are related (and quite a lot of them), but this still depends on how they are (the blog-posts, that is) described, written and indexed.

    Yes, there are more and more blog-posts being indexed more properly with every first visit on the blog-post which has been recommended as a related post. It usually doesn’t take long for a blog to be properly indexed (a couple of days at the most), but some older blog-posts take longer than usual.

    Would you mind sending us the link to that specific blog-post where you don’t like the results of our plugin? (I tried to search for it but unfortunately got an Error 500.)

    Here’s my email address, for any future inquiries:

    Looking forward to your reply! Take care & have a nice day!


    Just some feedback. Recently installed the plugin.

    So we can say that the plugin isn’t taking in consideration either the categories nor the tags to show the “related” posts?

    Let’s say: I have a journalist who is covering a region in my place, but talking about several different things. So: the editorial line and the personal style of this person will be “analyzed” by the plugin in order to show “related” posts which can result in showing a crocodiles coverage in the lagoon area where the main news is related to fire fighters. This caused because of the majority of the journalists just use a small portion of words in their personal writing/talking own dictionary.

    In Example: Have a look at this news in one of my websites,

    (Sorry, the site is in spanish)

    The news itself is related to something the Governor is doing meanwhile my first appearance of a “related” post is of a tourists thing, only “related” by the word “Government”.

    I mean, the news itself is having no such “relationship”. But the editorial line and the wording by the author is very similar.

    I find your plugin pretty awesome and exciting but I would appreciate some sort of more control in order to determine if the “wording” will have effect JUST AND ONLY IF the categories or tags are similar.

    Thank you very much.


    First of all — thanks for pointing this out to us! We know our service is still far from perfect, but I can assure you we are working hard to improve it and bring you even better, more editorial control over the related posts as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to open up the link you gave me in the previous post, but nonetheless, I can get the picture of what you’re talking about.

    The thing is, our service needs a bit (a day, maybe two, max.) to index all of your blog-posts and it usually happens then, when your readers click through all the related posts. After that, the results should get much more accurate & relevant.

    But nevertheless, we still get quite a lot of requests/feedback about that tag/categories setting and we certainly do appreciate it! Lets just hope we’ll be able to implement it as soon as possible, although I cannot give you any certain dates.

    Please do let me know if you have any additional questions regarding our service! I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    I still don’t understand how this is chosen. Iwant to continue to use this plugin I really like how it looks BUT the client is requesting it sort via tags. Right now it seems to sort by category but I can’t tell really…

    Hey @lighthouseto, I’m not quite sure what you mean with the client requesting tags — which client do you mean?

    Our service can sort/show only those related posts marked from a specific category, which you can set up in your WordPress’s Dashboard and then in our plugin settings. Is that what you had in mind?

    Let us know what’s bugging you and we’ll gladly help you out! 🙂

    Take care & have a nice day!


    Hi silvoslaf and many congrats for your plugin!
    I installed it few days ago and i want you to help me with an issue (it’s relative with this topic).
    In the dashboard i find only to “Exclude Categories” but i want the plugin to show related posts ONLY from the Catefory the post belongs.
    How can i select that, if it’s possible.

    Best regards

    P.S. A post of my site (in Greek)



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    @alekos – this thread is months old, not the same topic and already marked resolved – please start your own thread as per:

    You can do so here:

    Ok… sorry 🙁

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