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    Will this plugin work on WooCommerce sites?

    If a user deletes their account which has past orders placed against it in WooCommerce, does the Customer field on the order revert to “Guest” or does it become blank? Will there be “blanks” left in the database if a customer account is deleted?


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    Hmm, not sure. I may check that out. However, the plugin uses the built-in WordPress function delete_user and most plugins like WooCommerce monitor for it being fired and make appropriate updates.

    Will that mean wiping all of the orders of deleted user from database?
    That’ll be a mess 🙁

    Plugin Author cmc3215




    Thanks for your question Kramarz, and I’m sorry it has been so long getting back to you on this Guber.

    I just tested this with WooCommerce by placing an order and then deleting the user that made the order. The order was still there afterwards, and when viewing the order page, the Customer field said Guest but the billing and shipping information still listed the person’s name and address.

    I hope this answers the question, if not, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Kind regards,


    Hello Clint,

    I think would be GREAT if you can make the plugin work also for WooCommerce data.
    Maybe not deleting the order, but removing customer’s data from the order details.
    This is crucial for the GDPR compliancy, this plugin can have a great future 🙂


    Hi Clint,

    I did intend to test this at some point but I got badly side-tracked so many thanks for undertaking testing on our behalf. If as you say – deleting the user returns the order to “Guest” – I think this is perfect.

    @wpok… surely this can’t be correct that a customer’s billing / delivery details on a past invoice is against GDPR?? This is bizarre if true as I know in Ireland that business are are required by law to retain transaction information for 6 years and I would guess that other countries follow similar rules

    I think myself that other than changing the assigned user back to “Guest”, the order should remain exactly as is in the database.

    I am also still looking for a solution to give buyers (and vendors in my case as I want to run a marketplace) the option to send me as the admin a request to delete their account. But I want to check then their account first, so that there are no open orders or bills and then close it and inform them. Or if there is still something open, inform them that I can only close the account when their balance is 0. It’s very tricky… I cannot just grant them the right to delete their account as they please… So maybe that’s an idea for another plugin as I am sure that I am not the only one struggling with this…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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