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    I need your help kind of quickly if you can with the following topics, using plugins on wordpress.org; I need to know how doing this in detail, step by step. I have not used any plugins for wordpress.org although I have purchased a hand full of them; I simply haven’t gotten around to them. My questing is not how to install them, but how do you begin to use them. I had to learn the hard way buying a hand full of them before realizing that you can not use them on wordpress.com. Instead you must use them on wordpress.org. I was taking a back I had never heard of wordpress.org before this point. I guess you may ask where have I been at --- lol. I am somewhat a newbie to it all; I am not ashamed to say.

    I founded out that I need hosting. However I wasn’t giving the steps that it would take to do this. I know that it may be simple enough. And if I don’t know these simple steps then don’t purchase the product. That’s one approach, but being who I am I will be willing to learn them. And I am quite sure of my level to pick it up quickly if given the right direction/ information… that it will be know big deal for me. I haven’t been successful in finding out this information, plus haven’t had a lot of time to get to it.

    1. Download WordPress ( This is at wordpress.org I am not sure what this means, and how it all comes together
    2. Hosting: I choose a hosting solution
    3. I will use wordpress.org (How do I connect the two?)

    This is somewhat off the path of what I am asking you above but then again it can tie into the above. If I were to build a website at wordpress.org; please don’t allow me to be confused by my lack of knowledge in these matters. But if I wanted to purchase a domain name, and getting hosting. How would I tie in the two step by step details it, if you will? I need the answers for the above first, and if you could just throw the answers to this in.

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    This will explain a lot - if you have other questions, just ask -


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    Also, WordPress.ORG does not host any sites - so your site is installed on the hosting company's servers. Some hosting companies include a 1-click install of WordPress, so in that case, you don't even need to go through the more involved install process. For hosting see: http://wordpress.org/hosting/

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