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  • Hi all,

    I have been looking for an audio player which constantly plays while users browsing the site. I found Audiobar!!!
    Installed it and went to setting page and set the background colors. so far OK.
    But how to upload a song? In instructions it says go to your WP editor and you see a button which looks like …… (no image available in instruction)and click to open a popup.

    I don’t see any icon/button in WP editor of my page. I am wondering if I am missing something here or because this plugin hasn’t been updated for a year, it is not working anymore.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Also if you know of any other plugin that works better, please share with me.

    Thanks a lot

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  • – CLick on “add media”
    – Select your song
    – Choose on the right side “link to mediafile”
    – insert into page

    that should do it

    Thanks for the answer. This method insert the audio into that page regularly and make the audio playable in that page. But it doesn’t hook up the plugin to the music. There is no music played by audiobar yet. I don’t see any special icon in my editor related to the plugin. I think this is what is missing.

    Does anyone know what it should look like? Any image or screenshot anyone can provide please?


    I’m having the same problem as Helen-kh. The only settings or configuration I see is for the background color and text color. I don’t see any place at all to upload songs – not in the dashboard or on the page itself.

    Also, now when I go to the site I’m working on, there’s nothing there…. just white. It removed everything.

    So I really want to use this (or any plugin that will play music continuously) but unfortunately I’m going to have to deactivate it and delete it, unless someone can help me figure out why it’s not working.


    typo correction: the only settings I see are the background color, etc. (take out the word ‘for’)

    I finally gave up on the idea. I removed audio bar plugin too. It had too many complications. It also added a # mark to the url which was not necessary. I don’t think this is the right solution. But I am still curious if there is anything available.

    Hi. Well, right now I’m trying a different one, that looks like it’s going to work. (But I’m in the middle of setting it up, so I don’t know yet) I like it so far though!

    Here is the link if you want to take a look at it:

    Thanks for the reply!

    Thanks for mentioning this plugin! I have uploaded it and made it work on a page. Using it as a background music, I thought it should be either in the sidebar or the header to be accessible from any page. However the shortcode is not working in the widget area/text widget.

    How does it work for you? Do you think there is a way to make it work in the widget?

    Try our plugin WordPress Music. It includes fresh, customized music for your website.

    Thanks, I had looked into this plugin before. One drawback is that this plugin chooses the music on its own and the site owner can’t have control on their music.
    Otherwise is good!

    If this helps anyone, I got it to work. The issue for me was that you have to insert it into the page as a “Link to media file” not embed it as a player. So basically, you just insert it like an image and it starts to work. You can then CSS out the download links (not SEO friendly I know, but it works).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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