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  • I’ve been working on an install for my lan and everything seems to be running smoothly, but I am having problems changing themes. I have my ftp daemon up and running and and able to download the themes and I can even see them as a choice in my themes menu. However, when I activate the new themes I get a msg that says they are active, but only get the white screen. At this point I don’t have plugins going so I know that is not the cause of the white screen.

    I’ve tried several different themes and the only ones that I can get to work are the default themes that came with the install.
    I’ve gone through all my permissions and have set those correctly (at least I think I have). Although this feels like a permissions problem. Is there a php file that changes and gets written to when a theme is changed? I own my wordpress file in /var/www/wordpress and /usr/share/wordpress all the dir are 755 and files are 644.

    My thought is that the problem is somewhere in how wordpress loads a theme. I think that it just doesn’t see the file and therefore can’t load it, or doesn’t have the permission, but I’m not sure where this code or file might be.

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    I was able to get a different theme going by downloading it to my computer from and then cp it to my themes directory.
    So there seems to be an issue with the way things are handled when the themes are downloaded from within wordpress.

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