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  • Hello there,

    I am an apprentice in a web design agency. The only colleague who used to make all the wordpress projects left shortly after I started my apprenticeship. So now I am supposed to replace this person and I have to do the wordpress projects alone.

    Im am struggling to find out how professional web developers are approaching a wordpress project.
    Imagine you are given a screendesign by a designer and are supposed to implement this as a wordpress theme for a customer. What does a professional do?
    – Buy an existing theme and make a child theme?
    – Make a theme yourself and then use a page builder plug-in?
    Until now, I have made the theme files myself, then installed Advanced Custom Fields Pro and used this to make custom blocks for the block editor. But I think this might not be the right approach (actually I have no idea). So my question is:

    What is your ‘wordpress-workflow’?

    Can someone give me some hints how I can achieve a more professional workflow? I feel like I’m on the wrong track with my ACF-Blocks tactic…

    I hope the question is comprehensible 😀 Many thanks in advance for any kind of information.

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