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    I downloaded and installed and activated your plugin but cannot find any useful documentation for it. All i see is some CSS code, and an instruction to put it in a post. I do that and i get nothing. What I really need is a simple step by step, “getting started” kind of explanation of how to use it. You know, the basics?

    is that to be found anywhere?

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  • Plugin Author Baden




    Above link is of no help. I don’t get two columns. Text extends outside boundries of page. No word wrap.

    I pasted this format on page:

    [column class=”column1″]Column 1 content goes here.[/column]
    [column class=”column2″]Column 2 content goes here.[/column]

    Plugin Author Baden


    oh, sorry… wrong documentation:


    Hello Baden, Good effort, but still can’t make this plugin work. It sounds like a good idea, but those short codes just don’t end up making anything into columns.

    Maybe the confusion comes into play with where to insert the short codes. I assumed that the first short code should be inserted prior the the content for the first column, then the second short code should be inserted prior to the second column content and then the third or end columns should be inserted after the end of the content for the second column.

    That does not work. I suspect there is a way to make it work but there must be a secret trick I don’t know.

    It turns out this Plugin does work quite well. Here is an example.

    Instructions as I see it to make two columns:
    Insert Short Code [twocol_one] before the start of the content for the first column. Then at the end of the content for the first column, insert this short code [/twocol_one]

    To start the second column insert this short code: [twocol_one_last] At the end of the second column insert these short codes to end the second column and make any additional content in single column format. [/twocol_one_last] [end_columns][/end_columns]

    Really works well. Also, if you have the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin installed there is a button that gives people a super easy way to insert these short codes!

    Thanks Brandon for a really nice tool to create content columns! The reason this is especially important right now is that many website visitors are using smart phones to visit websites and breaking content up into columns makes the content look great on a phone!

    I have installed the plugin. I want two neat columns side by side on my website (one for pictures and the other for text). I have tried the codes given in support pages and the documentation given by Baden, but so far is the result two columns one above the other.
    WP is for me like trying to learn to read Thai or Chinese. I am not familiar with codes, and I don’t have time to spend hours trying something I don’t fully understand. Right now am I close to give up and post my pictures on Flikr instead.
    Like Ian wrote above: “There must be a secret trick I don’t know.” I may be blind, but I haven’t found it yet.
    A fully detailed guidance “for dummies” would be appreciated.
    1) What code can I write in Column-Matic Settings (Custom Style)? Will that code be implemented in existing pages?
    2) What code do I have to write on the pages?

    Plugin Author Baden


    I feel your pain.
    Here is a couple of tips.
    1. Don’t post in a resolved thread… If you need help, start a new thread.
    2. I am guessing you read the documentation and it’s a bit overwhelming for you.
    3. If you like, we can create a ‘for beginners’ post that breaks it down for you… but the documentation is pretty straight forward, so it will not be much simpler.
    4. As a last resort, you can contact us direct and we would be happy to set up an example directly on your page. This way you can see the shortcode in action and maybe that ‘ah-ha’ moment will go off and you will start speaking both Thai and Chinese, even ordering off the menu and telling jokes to your favourite Asian food palace.

    Well, maybe not that last part, but you get the idea.

    Thank you for your reply and offer to set up an example on my page.
    The page was moved to a new location on the server, and I lost all my 80+ galleries, so I’m a little bit desperate, because I’m working with a very slow internet connection in the third world.

    Plugin Author Baden


    if you just want the caption text to the right of an image why not just use a table:


    No, I need two columns, one for general text (and other stuff) and one for pictures (with captions).
    Can you show me how to make a left column that is 60 % wide and a right column that is 35 % wide?

    Plugin Author Baden


    Dude… have you not read the documentation?

    [column width="60%" margin_right="10px" ]content[/column]
    [column width="35%"]content[/column]

    Issue marked as resolved. Want more help? As mentioned already: start a new thread.

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