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  • Hi,

    I have just started a forum and have only one legit registered user at this stage.

    However, I have been getting spammers registering and posting explicit stuff on the forum.

    Is there something I can install or somewhere already in the control panel, that enables me to approve posts? or is there any other method do prevent this from happening?

    I Would appreciate any help and advice anyone can give me.. 🙂

    Thank you,

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  • I use this They never make it close enough to my blog to actually need a plugin.

    Wow, that’s a pretty cool thing whooami. I see some of the people on there that I’ve blacklisted in the past. There are a few that aren’t on there but I love this and I’m definitely about to use this myself for quadruple protection.

    do what? if you want that list feel free, just dont call if remotely, put it on your own site 🙂 thats my domain. 😛

    also, it is updated automatically, so if you come back in a week, there will probably be 1000 more ips.

    No I didn’t mean link to your site, just copy the ip’s and put them on the comment blacklist. There seems to be a problem though, because of the amount of ip’s I’m trying to add at one time so…I may have to do things incrementally.

    lool, yes there are 40,000+ ips there, youre going to have a hard time doing that.

    No doubt about that! Yeah, I think I might turn this into a multi-day project adding a few hundred pages per day. (I put the list in word and it’s 854 pages long!!!) I did this to take out the <br> with a search and replace. Thanks for giving me a project to do…I swear going to these forums just make more work for me!

    ah, but it’s so rewarding 🙂

    48,600+ actually

    We destroy spam websites and their sponsors instead of sitting back and playing defense.

    If you don’t mind my asking, how do you do this? You (macsoft3) and whooami seem to be very good at this whole spammer business. My methods have worked for me, but then again my blog isn’t all that popular. So should it ever entrench itself with a credible list of returning visitors I suspect the spammers will try various methods. I’m still taking advantage of the help whooami provided me with for extra protection. I would however like to know how you destroy these people, because they are indeed very annoying once they find a way in.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If these are automated systems attacking you, and not actual people, you might have some luck with the Bad Behavior plugin.

    I get success in preventing spam (on my forums for now) by filtering a list of words rather than the list of IPs.

    Ive always taken a very proactive approach to handling spam – my experience with most plugin solutions has always been that stuff is being handled at the application level rather than server level (and yes I realize that Apache would still be considered an application, it’s just that I prefer to take care of things before WP has to).

    Ive also had an internet presense since 1995 and been using WP since 1.0.something-or-another. In other words, I have lots of practice, and Im confortable with experimention.

    hc aka whooami

    To Spiewgels,


    That’s not difficult to do at all. If we can do it, anyone can do it. There are 2 legal methods of destroying websites. One is the domain bust. The other method is the host bust. I can’t really discuss the domain bust although it’s pretty simple. I can’t because spam criminals could read this post and improve their hiding skills.

    As for the host bust, you just go after the sponsoring website hiring the spammer. If the website is hosted on a shared server, chances are that you can follow its nameservers to its web hosting company. If you find it, then just report the case to the hosting company. Some companies will comply with your request. Others don’t. Those companies that condone spam vandalism include IX Web Hosting,, FastHost and so forth.

    If we try, we can block most spam comments thanks to great anti-spam plugins. There is a simple measure you can take, too. You probably want to watch out for spy comments. One spy comment that we caught a week ago is “I glad too see this interest site, I tell my friends about it! They like sites like that: site.” There are many indications that this is a spy comment. (REF: “spy comments wordpress” at Google)

    Finally, instead of sitting back and playing defense, we subscribe to spam comments and learn their patterns. That’s very important. That’s how we caught a website which just started distributing a Trojan virus targeting Mac users yesterday. This way, we destroyed several dozen spam domains last year alone. But our resources are limited. There are so many spam domains because domain companies like and ESTDomains sell cheap .info domains. I’m also tired of destroying spam domains. We’ve done enough for all.

    Again, there is nothing special. All we do is play offense, not defense, by subscribing to spam posts and going after sponsors. Anyone can do it. After all, I can tell you that deleting or blocking spam comments is just a superficial solution. If you block spam comments, they will simply come back after changing techniques.

    In case anybody is interested, the following article shows what happened to, a spam sponsor, just a few hours ago.

    I think I can have a sound sleep tonight.

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