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  • Some moron wants 10$ a month or he will not stop flooding.IP address [?]: [Whois] [Reverse IP]
    IP country code: US
    IP address country: United States
    IP address state: Illinois
    IP address city: Waukegan
    IP postcode: 60085
    IP address latitude: 42.347900
    IP address longitude: -87.867104
    ISP of this IP [?]: Comcast Cable
    Organization: Comcast Cable

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  • Yes, I made an observation yesterday that WordPress does not have any kind of anti-flood measure in place. A visitor can sit on your blog all day and make thousands of comments on the same blog entry.

    You can set it up so that the comments aren’t displayed until you approve them, but you’ll still have to go through and delete them all. I don’t understand the reason for this oversight, especially when the makers of WordPress acknowledge the abuses of SPAM. But it seems you’re on your own in this regard.

    You may try and look for a plugin that will block IP Addresses, but you may find yourself spending most of your time adding new IP Addresses to the blacklist. You can also disable the comment feature rather than give in to extortion, but then that might defeat the purpose of your needing or wanting a blog-in-the-box.

    I suggest you do some quick reading up on the term “Extortion”.

    This a quick an dirty (but interesting) synopsis courtesy of the wikipedia, but I think you will get the point. What you decide to do about it should be easy after reading this.

    “In the United States, extortion may also be committed as a federal crime across a computer system, phone, by mail or in using any instrument of “interstate commerce.” Extortion requires that the individual sent the message “willingly” and “knowingly” as elements of the crime. The message only has to be sent (but does not have to reach the intended recipient) to commit the crime of extortion.

    Theft by extortion is commonly called blackmail.”

    Try to setup some captcha code in your comments.

    There are plugins available to block the inflow.

    Hes flooding the IP of the blog… hes not flooding comments

    an IP blocker might be your best bet If it the same IP over and over. If you have an Apache server, an .htaccess ban will block him from the whole site. Just a suggestion.

    Hes using a proxy ….

    how can you report a proxy… hes asking for 10$ a month

    He said he will flood till wordpress cancels the blog..

    I have over 4million hits on this blog

    Then contact his ISP and tell them. They might cancel his account, extortion is Illegal.



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    Have you contacted your hosting provider? I’m sure they’d be very interested in any flooding threats.

    I’m just admin… its not my blog.

    How would someone do this?


    Its wordpress



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    If it’s a blog,

    cool thanks…. you think if he does not stop… the blog will come down?



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    Unlikely. Most hosting providers already take steps to guard against this kind of attack. Even so, they may want to pursue this further, so keep a copy of all logs and any mails received from this individual. It all helps to track him/her down.

    If the ip addess is him, just report him to comcast. I suspect that will take away his internet account. Also, abuse@ works for most servers. Send a message to every server between him and you. Hopefully, atleast some of the mwill block him.

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