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  • I am trying to export my Movable Type (3.17) blog to WordPress, but am hitting brick walls at every turn. I’ve got my web host to expand the filesize limit and turn uploads on in php.ini and still can’t import the file. Everywhere I look people say, “Oh just split the export file into pieces, no problem!” But nobody ever explains exactly *how* to split the file! What do I do? DO I just take it into a text editor and cut and paste gobs into a new file? If so, what do you name the new file? Where are you allowed to split it?

    I found a utility at WordPress’ web site which theoretically splits the files for you; it requires you to apply with an email address and then gives you a key.. but it never recognizes the key. Another brick wall. I know that Movable Type has a special template for custom exports, but due to the nature of my blog, that’s something that I would rather avoid.

    Could someone please spell out how to split an exported file? I would be *very* appreciative….

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