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  • just for clarification… the way that i set it up, my linkblog links will appear as they were posted with all of my other blog entries, but in a different format. i just so happened to post 5 links in a row. that’s why the links appear at the top of my main page.

    Thanks charle97, that was pretty quick.
    Hey LaughingLizard, can you please tell us how you did your linkblog where users can add theirs too? (I don’t want the user-can-add feature)

    I had the sense to go at WeblogToolsCollection
    and found the link to Markku’s linkblog hack, but I can’t seem to load the page.
    Does someone have a copy of that hack cached somewhere?

    Maybe someone should cache a copy of the hack/module zip files, if the hack/module has one, or the instructions, if that’s all the hack/module does.
    Maybe I can start doing it.
    Well, does anyone have the linkblog hack stashed away? Please 🙂 I will be eternally grateful.

    Markku was kind enough to send the hack zip file to me.
    I put it up at–
    just in case someone else needs it.
    Thanks Markku.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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