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  • I’ve noticed other designers setup live demos for their themes as opposed to just showing a jpg file. How would I go about achieving the same goal by having a live demo of my theme as well? Thank you.

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  • I finally figured it out. It took me awhile but I found the appropriate theme switcher tool over at the site.

    There was another theme switcher tool at another site listed but it didn’t work.

    Can you specify what you have found or whatever? Because if someone else needs this or is in the same boat as you were, they could find it quicker.. =)


    Personally I’m not in need of it, but if someone else comes around searching for the samething, they won’t know what you have found. In a sense..this post is useless without the necessary information from you! =)

    But of course 🙂

    the necessary theme switcher is found here;

    there was a theme switcher found here;

    but the site didn’t load properly when I clicked on it.

    Thx lone007 for your reply with the locations of it. =) I’m sure it’s just some temporary downtime or something… =)


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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