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  • TVDinner


    I am sure this info must be somewhere on this site but I could not find it.
    We are about to have a bunch of guest article writers for our blog.

    How do other people have guest posters publish their articles. Do they log into the dashboard using a special username and password that gives them limited access OR do they email the article to the blog owner and then the blog owner posts them under their name with credit given to the article writer?

    We have a person who is going to start writing regular articles for us and we wanted to find out the best way to set this up. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for any help you can offer.


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  • Chris777uk


    im not the best to comment as im a noob, but in your dashboard next to settings and plugins tab there is a “users” tab,

    click on that and you can enter someone else’s email address and set how much access you want them to have…

    think thats what you mean?



    yes that is definetely one way – thanks. 🙂

    My main question to people already having Guest Article writers for their blog is HOW DO THEY DO IT? what way have they found works best?
    1) make them an author so they can log in and publish articles
    2) have them email the articles to me to review, edit, approve and then post myself under my admin user name?

    Just curious to how others do it?



    taxi for 1 😉



    thanks – anyone else have any feedback please



    I set them up as a Contributor. Then they can log into the admin section and write away. They can not post to live.

    Then I have them send me an e-mail and let me know when they have an item that is ready to go. The Dashboard does tell me that “There is x posts waiting for review” but sometimes I miss that so I ask them to send the e-mail.

    I do my copy editing thing, ensure that they are posted to the correct category, add tags, add trackbacks if applicable and publish the item.



    Volunteer Moderator

    You can also try the Role Manager plugin at by Thomas Schneider based on Owen Winkler’s plugin.
    Note: I have used it in 2.5.1 install – have not gone 2.6 yet.

    So when you set user as contributor, you can further tweak role to include publishing, uploading files OR NOT. Up to you. Good luck.



    thank you for the info. that is exactly what i was looking for !

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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