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  • I am currently working on a e-commerce site using wordpress and woocommerce and the theme “The Retailer”.

    The theme does not have “breadcrumbs” links and now I have decided that I want to add them. From my understanding Woocommerce should have support for this.

    I will enable the breadcrumbs links on the single-product.php page. The woocommerce documentation says that I should use <?php woo_breadcrumbs(); ?> function to enable them.

    But when I add the <?php woo_breadcrumbs(); ?> statement to my single-product.php page I get a fatal error saying that the function is unrecognized.

    If I use “brute force” and copy all the original woocommerce breadcrumbs code (found in: woocommerce/templates/global/breadcrumbs.php) to my own function inside my themes functions.php the breadcrumbs are working, although I do not get the delimiters and other things that should come with them…

    This is not an elegant solution. Instead there must be some way for me to “register” the woocommerce breadcrumbs function inside my theme so that I can use the standard recommended woocommerce prodcedure. How would I do this?

    Thank you for your help! Kind regards, Lukas

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