how do you make the comment thing pop up? (3 posts)

  1. xperfectxsinx
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I don't know how to set it up so I'll get the pop up window for comments instead of having it on the main page :P Thanks!

  2. spencerp
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Depends on what theme you're using, but in most, this line of code is in the header.php file.

    Change from this:
    <?php //comments_popup_script(); // off by default ?>

    To this:
    <?php comments_popup_script(); // off by default ?>

    It should work like that, someone will correct me if I'm wrong though lol..


  3. syncbox
    Posted 10 years ago #

    this is a little bit off-topic, but related... I see that if I disable the popup comments, comments are inline... BUT HOW can I make the popup version ALSO ask to login or register the way the inline one does?

    No one seems to answer that thread.

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