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  • I installed WordPress and what I want to do is have 20 separate blogs with 20 individual distinct URLs.
    How do I do this?
    So far, I’ve created 3 different Authors… I thought that would work but it doesn’t work… there’s still only one URL for one blog.
    I created a new catagory thinking well, maybe, the catagory would be a separate blog, but I can’t even figure out how to access the catagory I created.
    I want to have 20 different distinct blogs so 20 different authors will have their own blog.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • You will have to install wordpress 20 times into 20 different directories, but you can use a single database.
    This may help ?

    Thank you, podz!
    I checked out the link. I can’t believe she did all that in 5 minutes. Nor did I understand most of it. I’m a techie dummy. I guess I’m going to need some help. Geesh.
    My host allows 20 mySQL databases and 20 subdomains. I want to use the subdomains to redirect to the individual blogs. Problem is, I already have phpbb and phpList software installed, both of which use an SQL database. Maybe I can only have 18 blogs then.
    If I push “install” again from the Fantastico folder and create a different directory to install it into, will the same database be used automatically as is used for the first installation I did?
    Thanks much for answering so quickly, podz, but unfortunately, that link you sent me to got me bleary eyed…. It sounds so complicated. I’m getting very frustrated. 🙁

    I was typing as you were, Ibessant…. I didn’t see your post.
    Thanks so much for your answer.
    It’s a bit confusing to me but it probably won’t be for my son (I hope)…. I’m going to send him the link to this support thread and hopefully he’ll go, “Oh, this is simple. I can do this for you!”
    We’ll see.
    I understood the part about naming the subdirectories and where the URLs will be located but what I didn’t understand was the code stuff you added to the “see this section” part. Hopefully he will as he’s familiar with php code.
    Thanks to you both! 🙂

    Personally I would not use Fantastico for this.
    As lbessant says, the file you need to look at is ‘wp-config.php’
    Create a new database, note the username / password
    Complete wp-config with those details
    Upload all the files to the directory of choice.
    Repeat as needed.
    You CAN use a single database for all the installs – but as you have so many, use them 🙂
    For the final 2 installs, again as lbessant says, use an existing database, just alter the ‘table_prefix’
    The problem here isn’t the task itself, more the risk of an error creeping in through repetition.

    podz – I’m sending my son to this thread and hopefully all the good information you all have supplied will help him help me accomplish this task. Much of it is over my untechnical head. Thank you very much for replying so kindly.
    Robert- I have CPanel. I’ve been very pleased with the host I use so far (, though all I have up so far is a home page and my bulletin board.. they have been very helpful. It’s way inexpensive but they have tons of open source software on the server, will host 5 URLs on one account and have ample bandwidth and storage space, plus they have replied very quickly to a questions I’ve had. Unfortunately, they don’t offer support to 3rd party software so I doubt if they’ll walk me through this. If you know of anyone who would walk me and my son through this for a reasonable fee, I’d consider it if we can’t figure it out. dp at studioeight dot tv
    thanks all again!

    Hello all – I’ve been using MT for the last year or so –
    Does anyone know what the timeline might be on managing multiple blogs through the same interface?
    I think most MT users are spoiled with the multiple blogs thing – I know I am. I can fire up Ecto (a program written for Mac) and slam through updates, without ever having to deal with a web interface (read slow, cumbersome, annoying). I hate web applications – on a modem, they’re just hellacious.
    I’m gonna be working on converting some of my stuff to WordPress –
    But if I set up these multiple, multiple, multiple installations to deal with each goofy blog I set up – will there be a way in the future to “bring it all together”?
    Thanks for any info.
    Also, I think most people moving over from MT will have the same problems with the multiple blogs situation. It was the first thing I noticed, and it threw me. Luckily, this post was in the first few – saving me from having to “hunt down” the info. I’m lazy 🙂

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