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  • Is there a way to relate ‘posts’ to a certain ‘page’ within my wordpress site? I am wanting the ‘posts’ to almost act like a subpages of a ‘page’.

    Should I be doing this a different way if I want posts related to a page? I’m new to wordpress so I’m open to your comments and opinions.

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  • Yes, you should rethink that. Don’t think you know how to achieve your goal. Just describe WHAT do you want and the helpers will tell you the HOW.

    ok, I have a page called ‘plans’ on that page I want to show thumbnails of about 6 different jpg files. I want the user to be able to click the the thumbnails and see larger versions of those thumbnail images?

    Should I accomplish this by creating a ‘post’ for each image and then somehow getting it to display on the ‘page’ called ‘plans’? or is there a better way to accomplish this?


    Hola po3

    If you want to use a page, this is how to do it.

    Create a page template.

    Let’s say “thumbnail_template.php”

    Upload it to your theme directory.

    Go in wp-admin, write a page, but do not put any content. Just a title. Then choose your thumbnail template for the page template in the right column.

    Now, you can edit this page template with anything you like, a loop with a special query to display attachment for instance.


    Another solution, that I find better, would be to use a category… Let’s say a category named “thumbnail”… When you write a post in this category, you can upload an image and use the thumbnail in the post content, then link it to the full size attachment.

    Another fancy way to do it, with category, could be to use the “optional excerpt” to display the thumbnail and the post content to display the full size image…

    Then, you arrange the loop for this category to display the exerpt (with the thumbnail in)… When the visitor will click to see the post, the full post content (with the full size image in) will be displayed…

    Of course, you can customise the way this category will be displayed…


    You could find this plugin made by Kafkaesqui very useful :


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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