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How do you hook shareaholic to right header area? (2 posts)

  1. kkrousseau
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I don't understand how to use shareaholic at all. The instructions say to download it and upload it but I just loaded it through the dashboard. I hope that's not my problem.

    I filled in the checkboxes and fields in settings but there was no place to enter my facebook, google+, or linkedin, rss, or email user info, only twitter, and only for sharing, not following. (Those are the only ones I use.)

    I checked my source code and saw shareaholic in the head.

    I copied the code, <?php if(function_exists('selfserv_shareaholic')) { selfserv_shareaholic(); } ?> and tried putting it in a hook box but that messed up my menu.

    Where's it supposed to go? Is this the code that must be added to php? The instructions are very vague.

    I don't see any instructions on how to make these little spuckers appear as on this page: http://drtanyanaturopath.ca/

    They are really cute and I know someone with the same theme I have (dynamik) got them to work. I would like that too.

    Do you know of any thorough instructions? I haven't found any while googling. Only more vagaries.

    peace & love


  2. Celeste - Shareaholic
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi! Let's see if I can help.

    Our buttons function as a way for your readers to share your blog content with their social networks. We do not have a feature that redirects users to your social pages.

    Once you've made your selections on the SexyBookmarks options page and saved your changes, the buttons are automatically inserted in the locations specified in your menu placement settings; such as, if you have selected that they appear on posts and below content, they should be visible on your blog posts above the comments box, but below the article.

    If you find that the buttons are not visible on your posts, there could be a few different explanations. It's possible that your theme is built in such a way that automatic placement fails OR custom post types are used. More information here: http://support.shareaholic.com/customer/portal/articles/668180-sexybookmarks-and-custom-post-types (custom post types can be identified like this - http://www.domain.com/blog/custom-category/this-is-the-post - OR by visiting your theme editor and scanning the files for indication that custom post types are being used; reference: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development#Template_Files_List )

    If the above does not fit your circumstances, take a look at our troubleshooting guide to aid in identifying any conflicts that may be present: http://support.shareaholic.com/customer/portal/articles/680566-general-troubleshooting-process

    You can contact us directly at support@shareaholic.com

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