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How do you get shortcode in a column?

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  • what is the url?
    insert the url into an Embeded code
    such as below

    [embed width="400"]http://youtu.be/kiE3hqAlYKk[/embed]

    copy it right into the text box

    there’s no url. It’s not a video it’s a slideshow I created using a plugin. You can see it at the link I posted – it’s in the text but not in the column

    Here’s the link


    here is the HTML

    <iframe src=”http://barefoothoofcare.net/” width=”XXXX” height=”XXXX”></iframe>

    You would have to adjust the size

    Wow, that worked! Except for one problem – the movable heading is now fixed at the top. I am totally not getting where it is getting the slider location from.

    you would need to Embed the slide show above the iframe link

    I don’t understand what that means or how to do it, I thought I did that already.

    But I went back and checked what is in there, and the iframe has totally disappeared from teh Image back, and the shortcode is back in the Text back, yet the slideshow is playing in the column. Before when the code was like this the column was blank and the slideshow was playing in the text box.

    I meant to write Image box and Text box. Not back.

    which slideshow slider widget are you using?

    Gopi Horizontal Image Scroll Reel Slideshow, the only one I have found that scrolls the images across instead of having one fixed one and you can see more than one at a time.

    Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow

    Once you down load, install the plugin and activate it.
    you will edit it and pick the images and other things you want,

    The you go to you page and insert the shortcode for it .

    might look something like this:

    Plugin Short Code:


    W : Width of the slideshow.
    H : Height of the slideshow.
    Speed : Scroller speed.
    BGCOLOR : Background color for the slideshow.
    GAP : This is pixels gap between each image slideshow.
    RANDOM : This option is to retrieve the images in random order.

    I know – I’ve done all that. I am able to insert it into the text box but not the column. I have since removed it from the text box.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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