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  • I post a thumbnail (linked to a bigger pic) and it has a blue border around it. How can I get rid of the blue border? I don’t want any borders around the thumb. I’m using WordPress 2. Thanks!

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  • Check your style.css for an “img a” declaration. If there’s one there, add border:none; to it. If there’s not one there, put this in:

    img, img a {

    Yes, it worked! Thank you. Does it matter where I put it in Style.css? I put it at the beginning.

    As long as you don’t write a contradictory block of CSS, it will make no difference where you place it in your file. Don’t forget that you can make it more specific by referencing a class or ID of an image, or containing element such as a span or div.

    Ok cool. Two more questions…
    1. How and where do I change font size?
    2. How can I change the color of the the background in my post section? Right now it’s white (like they all are) and I’d like to change it to a grey.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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