• How do you get help for this plugin? My extended views keeps deactivating even after I purchased it a second time. I really need to get this fixed or a refund but I don’t see a direct way to get active help.

    I submitted a ticket through the plugin but have no clue where that goes or how to monitor for a response? Can some please point me to an active and valid place to get help?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • This has been happening to me as well, for about a year now. I’d love to know the conflict as well.

    There’s a Time.ly Support contact form (with a WordPress plugin choice) on this page:


    Phone and email support are limited to their (paying) “Web app” calendar users and that support tickets for WordPress plugin users can take about 7 days for responses. They also state that:

    If you’re a WordPress Plugin user, help is still available in the Timely community

    but they don’t link to the “community” — do you suppose they mean here, in the plugin support forum?

    Changes made to our WordPress plugin calendar’s events are no longer populating to the Google Calendar system, so I submitted a ticket 4 days ago and the initial response (which appears to have marked the Zendesk-based ticket at “Solved”) was that they will “strive to get back to you” but then they suggested I upgrade to the paid Web app calendars (i.e., not the WordPress plugin).

    Apparently those of you who pay for the Extended Views upgrade are still only entitled to the same level of support as the free plugin users.

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    Wow, 7 days to get help with a paid plugin???

    How do I get a person or a chat started? I am not a techie.

    The problem is the DearMonty.com website has operated with a free google search engine for years. I am not exactly when, but it disappeared withing the past two months. When I attempt a search now, the word “searching…” appears and nothing happens.



    I think you might have posted this in the wrong place. This is a support forum for a calendar plug-in, not for website searches. I visited the site and am seeing the search box and the lack of results upon submitting a search, but it’s not clear that it’s a Google-related form action.

    Are you the webmaster for DearMarty.com?

    I’ve changed my password and logged in but I can’t access my blog. patriciafuqualovett.wordpress.org.


    First, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about “.com” not “.org”


    Second, this support forum has to do specifically with getting support for the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin, so are you using that on your blog?

    I changed the name of my domain with GoDaddy and now I can’t find my site on WordPress.org? How and what do I need to do. Where can I find help on WordPress.org.

    Deborah – I’m not really sure what you’re asking, because you don’t “find” sites on WordPress.org. Are you sure your site isn’t hosted on WordPress.com? I tried finding your website, but as you’ve changed the name, maybe the original is no longer online?

    Hi. Your message is addressed to Deborah. I’m Patricia. My blog is patricialovettwrites.wordpress.com.

    No need to look for my blog and render a solution. I’ve identified the problem and am now able to access my blog.

    Thanks and remain safe – COVID19

    Yes, there are several “lost souls” here in this thread, and Deborah is one of them, so my response was directed at her.

    Patricia, when I tried the blog address you just gave, I got this error: “patricialovettwrites.wordpress.com doesn’t exist”

    Isn’t your blog here? patriciafuqualovett.wordpress.com

    I can access my site, just can’t get to the dashboard?

    @debbie2 Have you tried adding /login to the end of the URL? Also, does your question have to do with the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin? That’s what this particular support forum thread is for, not general WordPress questions.

    No sorry didn’t realize it was the All-in-One Event Calendar and yes it is just a general WordPress question. I will try the login at the end of the URL. Thank you so much.

    @debbie2 You’re welcome — I hope that works for you!

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