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  • I would like to know this: How do YOU develop your wordpress themes? Do you use a server installed on your PC/MAC, use your own blog as a “guinea pig”, or a sepearte blog hosted on your server?
    I need to know this because I am planning a new theme, and I need to know how I would probably have to develop it. Thanks 🙂

    — Mark

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  • mainly use a seperate/test blog installed on the same server as my main blog, but is not visible to most people.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that if it is just a minor change then I will normally go ahead and do it on the main blog.

    XAMPP for local install until the theme builds up and starts working, and many times a testbed blog for online fine tuning.

    I’ve installed Apache/PHP/MySQL locally from scratch and I develop there. It’s way WAY easier than having to upload to see any changes.

    I also have a test blog on my site that I use to test on Linux as well as just generic testing.




    I like to disrupt everything so I make all the changes on the live site, preferrably in the middle of the day, my time, when Americans are awake and surfing.

    Definitely on local LAMP platform
    then tested from another windows PC
    then goes online

    Yeah yeah, install XAMPP and make the changes there, then when you’re done, upload it to your site to check for errors and stuff, that way you can do most of the disruptive stuff on your own computer and it doesn’t leave your site open to security issues if you’ve made a mistake.

    Plus, it keeps things nice and smooth for your visitors.

    Wow, I had never checked out XAMPP before. That’s a very sweet package — I wish I had known about it back in the day when I was unfamiliar with installing it myself.

    I have a test blog on the same server where I’ll test ‘big stuff’. Little stuff I just edit live.


    testblog mostly, else PHPlauncher or UniServer.

    I loaded Ubuntu into an old 7 year old PC ready for the scrap heap. Apache, php, mysql etc all work “out of the box” – not to mention the great text and graphics editors and its all free.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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