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  • Hello!

    My website is under construction, so I don’t have a link to share with you. This seems to be a common problem and not very straight forward to resolve.

    I’m using a Woo theme. I was able to edit my default-widgets.php file easily enough to change the text in the Archives DropDown box, and also to add a class. Adding a class was the only thing I could figure out that would help customize the CSS. It works when changing the font, but nothing else responds.

    I want to add some padding around the text inside the box. I also want to remove what appears to be a border image and background (soft gray with shadows). This widget is WordPress’s widget; not Woo’s. How do I do this? And I would like to center the box. It responds to margin-left: 25px … but when I set the margin to auto all the way around, it doesn’t center the box.

    I would be so grateful some guidance on this. Thank you!!

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  • Are you using Firebug to work with the CSS problems? It will show you exactly the CSS code that is affecting a given element on the page — and you can use that info to make the desired changes. Make sure your selectors are specific enough. It’s really very hard to help much with CSS without seeing the site live.

    You may need to contact WooThemes for help, as they provide support for their commercial themes — but these forums don’t support commercial themes.

    I’m using Safari and their equivalent of Firebug. This is a WordPress widget problem, so Woo will be limited in helping me. I managed to create the new class, but something is blocking me from adjusting padding and removing the border image and radius. This stuff is all standard with any WordPress archive drop down widget. Thanks for trying to help.

    Hi… I’m having the same issue just now. Thing is, I was able to do it easily with Firebug and it looks great in Firefox but Safari acts like it’s never heard of such a thing. All I need is the correct selector and I can go from there. Ideas?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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