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    Hi all, I have purchased a WordPress theme and and wanting to customize the home page – I am largely familiar with HTML, CSS and some PHP but this is my first play with a WP theme.

    Specifically, I need to know if and how I can go about accessing and customizing the code that controls designed sections of the home page, such as Home Section A, B, C etc.

    For example, if there are 3 cols in Section A, I would love to be able to access the code of this section and tweak it to, say, 4 columns – but at the moment my home page design is limited to what the original coder has provided in the theme’s control panel.

    Any and all help would be HUUUGELY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance guys =)


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  • You have to provide a link to your site or to the theme for us to help…

    Sorry, here you go:

    Cheers =)

    I think they are controlled through widgets, but this is just an assumption. It would be best if you could contact the theme author.

    Thanks for your replies so far guys.

    These areas (such as the area: Free Updates > Quality Support > Easy to Customize) are not controlled through widgets (this template uses widgets for sidebar and footer only) but through the Alchemist theme options area – you can simply enter the text you wish to display in these areas, and that’s it.

    I can adjust the CSS, but what I am needing is to be able to control the entire area – in order to create an additional facet of the CSS and then be able to enter text into it – such as a subheading, for example.

    My hands are tied at this point, unless I can figure out how to actually override the limited input control currently available in the themes options panel.



    Oh, and the author has not responded to my request in over a week…

    Get into the theme and look at the templates, the CSS and the functions.php

    Ok, so I have found what I need – I think.

    I have used the ‘functions.php’ to create a new entry field, ‘smalldesc’ > I then created the style for this field in the ‘style.css’ > and then actuate it by using the ‘home-default.php’.

    I have done this, triple-checked that the ‘smalldesc’ code is correct, but the new text is not appearing on the page – I am obviously missing something, do you know if there is another php or else that I am meant to tweak by default when doing this?

    BTW – thanks to Root for for the ‘functions.php’ heads-up, life saver!!

    I am about to put my head through the monitor in pure rage – please help =)

    …O…M…G – just worked it out, and I hit myself in the balls incredibly hard…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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