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  • Hi I am trying to create a list for a certain category. I have added the webpages I want displzyed in the list into the same category and they all have the same slug travel-insurance. However the shortcode [a-z-listing taxonomy=”category” terms=”travel-insurance”] does not work and instead the list displays all of the pages on my site. Do you know how I am able to create a list only for one category. Any help would be vastly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Llewellyn


    You might find that your category slug is slightly different than you have specified.

    Alternatively if you are expecting posts to be listed instead of page then you can add post-type="post" to your shortcode to switch the output from displaying the post type page. The plugin supports all post-types with this parameter, so if you are using a custom post type then you can also specify that here.

    A fully-fleshed-out shortcode with minimum areas for error is:

    [a-z-listing display="posts" post-type="post" taxonomy="category" terms="travel-insurance"]

    The default behaviour when you don’t override any parameters will be the equivalent of if you had specified:

    [a-z-listing display="posts" post-type="page"]

    Hi Daniel
    Hope you are very well!
    Thanks for such a great plugin. It is exactly waht I needed.
    Sorry but having trouble setting it up to show posts of just one category.
    I have read your FAQ but still confused.
    Can you please give me an specific example of a shortcode that shows only posts from one category.

    Plugin Author Daniel Llewellyn


    Hi, @teacdan,

    To show posts from the category whose slug is red-team you would want the following:

    [a-z-listing display="posts" post-type="post" taxonomy="category" terms="red-team"]

    As an aside, the forum guidelines prefer you to start a new thread rather than replying to somebody else’s.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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