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[Resolved] How do you copy a post from one WP account to another?

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    As usual, nothing is clear in the Plugins. You have to be a programmer to understand them. I’m not, just a marketer so I’d really appreciate help in this area of duplicating posts.

    All I want to do is be able to duplicate a post in its entirety from one WordPress account to another separate WordPress account. As far as I can tell, this plugin doesn’t do this. It seems you can copy a post within your WP account and duplicate it in your WP account. Why anyone would need to do this is beyond me but surely there are people such as me who like to post the same material to different accounts? Sorry to be negative but owners of plugins assume you’re a techie and don’t provide a full description of their plugin or idiot guide instructions. If anyone could help I would be grateful.




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  • Are you referring to a WordPress.com hosted blog, or a standalone WP install? This particular plugin only deals with content duplication within a single WP installation.

    Have you considered a content export/import tool? WP comes bundled with one and there are several import/export plugins that offer different interfaces as well.



    Hi Eric
    And thanks for the reply. Basically I manage two blogs. One was set up for me by a friend and is hosted externally from WP. The other was set up by a colleague and is hosted by WP i.e. it is free.

    Starting with my original question, I have the same content each time I post that I want to post in three places. 1) on my site 2) on my colleague’s site/blog and 3) on another WP blog site run by a magazine. At the moment I can’t figure a way of copying via one click the content from my ‘master’ blog to the other two. I’ve just had a look at the import/export thing as you suggested but it suggests it copies over content over a monthly period, not an individual blog, and it copies over comments, tags etc that I might not want to copy. What I am after is just to copy a post over from my ‘master’ blog to the other two so I don’t have to insert text, load images, do SEO, do tags and categories etc etc. If the import/export is the best thing I will try it next time it just looks a bit general and if I do 4 blogs in November it will copy over the same blogs again and again won’t it when all I want to do is copy over the latest blog (correct me if I wrong)?

    Look whilst I am talking to you I’ve another issue. My colleague’s blog that is hosted by WP seems to be missing key tools such as Plugins, SEO and some functionality in the edit screen when you write a blog. I take it that this is because WP don’t offer all mod cons when they host and I should aim to have the site hosted elsewhere? If you know please reply to this too!



    First point – what may work for you is an RSS Aggregator. WordPress blogs usually publish an RSS feed that can be parsed by readers or other sites, and there are many, many plugins that will import content from other locations and repost them. FeedWordPress comes highly recommended, but I haven’t used it in a while and it looks like the plugin is having some issues at the moment. (Hint – it can probably be fixed but requires programming knowledge).

    This is a ‘pull’ action where the child or receiving sites check the RSS feed on a regular basis and import new content. The master site doesn’t require any special treatment, but you might want to tweak your RSS output to include the content, images, and tags that you want the others to receive. This setup will also require you to install an aggregator plugin on each receiving site (read: admin access).

    This post refers to two other plugin options:

    I don’t have experience with either of those plugins.

    Second point – it would seem that you can only install plugins on standalone installations. This article. explains that WordPress.com sites are not allowed plugins for security reasons, so as long as you’re hosted there you will be fairly limited as to how much you can customize your site!

    Self-hosting is fairly cheap, easy, and often comes with different levels of support.



    mmm. Thanks. Will investigate the RSS Aggregator issue.

    Plugin Author Lopo


    Sorry fo the delay in answering the questions, my plugin does not deal with different installations of WP, nor with WP.com blogs.

    Eric’s suggestions seem pretty fine for what I know about the subject.

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