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how do you change the width of my sidebar?

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  • that would need a good basic understanding of css on your side;
    and additional information such as
    the name of your theme
    and a link to your site.

    some themes are easier to change than others.

    info also needed:
    new width of the sidebar?
    change or keep the width of the main area?



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    Unless you provide a link to your site, no one will be able to help.


    my site is http://www.red94.net

    the theme is vigilance.

    i need to be able to fit an ad that is 300×250 in size.

    make backup copies before editing any theme files

    it might be enough to change the width of #wrapper and #sidebar in your theme options (if there is a option to change css settings) or in style.css of your theme:

    #wrapper {width:1030px!important;}
    #sidebar {width:300px!important;}

    if 300px is too norrow for whatever you need to get into the sidebar, increase it slighly, maybe to 310px;

    the !important is to force the width onto the style, as i could not find the style that ultimately defined the widths.

    and the banner image http://www.red94.net/wp-content/themes/vigilance_pro/images/banner_v3.jpg needs to be widened from 980px to 1030px.

    i should have clarified: rather having everything increase altogether, i would like to have the sidebar wider while the main body is forced to reduce in that corresponding amount of size.

    #sidebar {width:300px!important;}

    might do.

    thank you. i will try this. i greatly appreciate the help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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